No Fin Can Compare to These Shark Products

  • Nov 16, 2023

Sharks are some of the ocean's most beautiful creatures. With over 500 species and more being discovered, the world of sharks is absolutely fascinating, from the deep sea Greenland Shark which can live up to 500 years old, to the mighty and iconic Great White Shark to the biggest shark in the ocean, the gentle Whale Shark. Sharks are an essential part of our ocean's ecosystem too! 

These products are a great way to raise awareness for shark conservation and show off your client's love for sharks! 

1. 6" Salty Shark

stuffed shark with red or navy hoodie

This cute little shark plush is perfect for snuggles! Equipped with a little hoodie or a shirt that comes in a variety of different colors, he's ready for all sorts of adventures! 

2. Sharks Tooth Lapel Pin

silver colored shark tooth lapel pin

This shark tooth lapel pin is a great, yet subtle way to share your love of sharks with those around you. 

3. Custom Shark USB Flash Drive
sharks and fish shaped usb drives

These customized shaped USB drives can make a lasting impression with their unique sharky design! Great for digital data storage such as photos, music, pictures, images, videos, movies, and presentations!


4. Smiling Shark Postcard

smiling shark post card with toothbrush and the phrase "we look forward to seeing your smile!"


Perfect for dentists sending our reminders for patients this little shark is excited to keep patients' smiles bright and shiny and their mouths healthy! 

5. Copper Patina Shark Award

copper shark with lightning pattern on award

This gorgeous shark statue has been electroplated with copper and the coral he rests upon has been patinaed to stand out. This is a stunning display piece sure to get attention!


Have any of these sharks sparked some interest? Maybe you've got an idea for your dentist! Give us a call today and we can make your sharky dreams a reality!


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